Get Ready to Soar

Life Success Eagle SoaringMy friend Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to the Work and Life you Love, believes people need three things to be successful: The right idea, the right mindset, and being around the right people. I am a member of his online Eagles Community where like-minded people encourage, inspire, and educate one another. This online Community is made up of entrepreneurs, creatives, podcasters, and coaches who are looking for resources and connections to help them find or create work they love. Being part of this community has inspired me to share what I have learned about goal setting like an eagle.

Eagles have powerful vision – when an opportunity presents itself, they are the first to see it. What better way to create an opportunity than to set a goal. But it is not enough to just create a to-do list, you first must create a mindset of positive anticipation. Strong intuition and heightened awareness of oneself helps Eagles to act on their goals.

Eagles have Spirit. Where others flee, Eagles face the storms. When we view our goals with a growth mindset, we are free to adjust our goals as we grow and change. We may add new ones, or even discover a new path. Like the Eagle, we use the current to soar us to greater heights.
When it comes to victory Eagles have wingspan. With outstretched arms we open ourselves to others, enlightenment, and a Higher Power. Eagles understand the importance of acting as if it were impossible to fail.

Are You Ready to Soar?

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself when goal setting like an EAGLE:

  • Does the goal give you Energy?
  • Are you in a place to Act?
  • Is there opportunity for Growth?
  • Are you ready to Live it?
  • Do you have Encouragement from others?

Get ready to Soar! I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about goal setting.