Believe in Yourself

crow We are often faced with people who don’t believe in us or our dreams. In a talk by Joel Osteen on YouTube he called these people crows. Did you know crows are a natural adversary to the Eagle? Because of their agility, they are able to follow and peck at the eagle as it flies. Although the eagle is much larger and could easily fight with this crow, it chooses instead to fly higher. Eagles can fly as high as 10,000 feet. The crow cannot go where the eagle can go.

When I decided to write my novel, I had just left my job because it was eliminated by the pandemic. Fortunately, we had some savings and my husband’s job stayed secure. I had always wanted to author a book based on a true story about my grandmother who came to America from Poland as a young woman in 1921 under an arranged marriage by her older brother. During my time off from work I attended a ZOOM workshop for aspiring writers and found my writing coach. Since that day in December of 2020, I have never looked back and now I am proud to say my book is being released in the fall of 2023 by Morgan James Publishing!

But when I first told friends and family what I was doing they pecked at me like the crows by saying things like: “Oh, okay Roxanne, that’s nice.” Or “Are you back to work yet?” It was hard to not let others steal my joy. But as Joel points out successful people are focused on their dreams, and they are not bothered by the crows. Like the eagle I had to fly higher and believe in myself.

Joel also reminds us in this video that you can’t reach your destiny without difficult people. I challenge all of you when faced with the naysayers and skeptics to be like the eagle and spread your wings to rise higher. The crows will fly away – they can’t hang with you because you were created to soar!