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My name is Roxanne and I live in Syracuse, New York. I have always enjoyed writing and being creative. My writing background includes features for two weekly newspapers in my hometown and I was honored as part of The Writer’s Distinction Program at Syracuse University where I majored in writing and communications as a non-traditional college student at the age of 44 while working and raising a family. My story ‘A Capitalist Fairy Tale’ was featured in a book published by my professor Steve Parks, and for two years I wrote a blog for part-time studies at Syracuse University on my experiences as an adult who returned to school.

I have worn many hats during my life including warehouse worker, school bus driver, non-traditional college student (I was the school bus driver who went back to school!). I have had several small businesses (including a NASCAR store called Roxy’s Race Place), became a School Bus Driver Master Instructor for New York State, wrote articles for weekly papers, newsletters, and even started a non-profit!

In 2021 I started working with a writing coach named David Hazard and in 2022 completed my first Historical Fiction Novel based on my grandmother who came to America in 1921 from Poland. Her story had inspired me to help women overcome fear and doubt to pursue their dreams.

Are you an empty nest woman looking to start a new path in life? Maybe write a book or pursue a dream? You have given so much to others and now it’s time to give back to you! Connect with me and I would be delighted to help. I enjoy encouraging people like you.